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    Founded in 2016 by me, Rebecca Jones. With a background in design and styling and a love of entertaining The Hooray Store was created. My goal is to have a party shop with a difference. As well as my love of design my other passion is the environment and wellbeing, and trying my best to live more consciously. One of the things we have never sold is plastic cutlery or straws, only biodegradable paper straws and birch cutlery. Over the coming months we are going to take our mission to another level and source more reusable, recyclable and biodegradable party products, with a lot more focus on reusable products and less on single use items. We have more products on their way, and some exciting ventures in the pipeline, but we'd love your help, what would you like to see? are there any products you've seen that you think we should sell? 

    Stay tuned the eco party has just begun!


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